Issues faced while doing MBBS/MD In Abroad

This blog will totally cover all your problems you face abroad and how a student must prepare mentally and overcome the problems. These may be real factors that reduces your confidence and decrease your effectiveness in studies

  • Homesickness
  • Financial Problems
  • Language
  • Accommodation
  • Climate
  • Food


Homesickness is a major problem for a student who study MBBS in abroad. Missing out on your family and not being able to meet your best friends is a major issue. Most of the students feel homesick when they travel to a foreign country to do their MBBS.


Financial problems play an important  role in deciding your country to study MBBS in abroad. Decisions regarding finance are the main factor affecting your dreams. So planning financially is very important when compared with other problems.


Language is a another concern when you study MBBS in abroad. Most of the foreign languages are very hard to learn. It is really hard to survive in a place with an unknown language. Most languages would take up to 3 months to learn its basics. 


Accommodation could be a headache when it comes to studying MBBS in abroad. Most of the private accommodations will increase your cost of living and the college hostel in some countries will not be up to the standards.


Most of the students who choose to study MBBS in abroad usually choose some European countries because of the climate, they just get attracted by the snow literally. The climate can look beautiful and pleasing, But for us Indians most of us would have never seen snow and it could really make you down. It will be really hard to adjust to the cold and harsh climate.


Nothing beats our Indian food. While you are staying abroad your taste buds will ache for some native taste. You could enjoy the foreign cuisines for some time but ultimately you will get bored of that taste. 

So parents have to make the right decision which country suits their children.