India is a country having an enormous amount of gifted and talented young minds. We Indians treat our education more than anything in our lives. Most of the young people in India have the dream of studying MBBS and becoming a doctor in India and saving lives. We now live in an information era. This era has literally shrunk the work and has opened many gateways and paths to try and reach our goals without any fight.

Indians are typically hard workers and great fighters when it comes to fulfilling their dream. Becoming a Doctor is one of the greatest dreams for many Indians. Even though it may have not been our dream but definitely we would have thought about it at least once in our lifetime.

Barriers in pursuing your Medicine ≈ MBBS degree

There has been a shortage of doctors in India for a few years. The main factors are the economy and students scoring low cut-off marks in their examinations. These factors are a great barrier and is also a psychological factor affecting our young generation with frustration and mental stress.

This issue is not any minor issue to leave it as it is. The CEO and Founder Dr. Gunasekar Ariyamuthu being a humanitarian wanted to break this barrier. He started an organization called FENCE Education in Tirunelveli as a small initiative. The initiative was small but the idea was a big one. His dream of assisting the medical aspirants achieve their dream was both humanitarian and a brilliant decision. His efforts and hard work has made this organization grow into many major cities across India and help students complete their Medicine ≈ MBBS degree in Philippines for over 10 years.

FENCE educational consultancy provides 100% assistance to Medicine ≈ MBBS aspirants who want to study Medicine ≈ MBBS in Philippines. FENCE provides total assistance and guidance and above all a motherly care to the students. FENCE offers end to end services to our students. This model of service has made students worry less, which in turn leads to less frustration and mental stress. Thus helping the students to study Medicine ≈ MBBS in abroad at their full capacity and turning them into great doctors.

Medicine ≈ MBBS in abroad, Budget and Fees comparison

Due to the economical and cut off barriers Indian parents and students have turned their eyes toward foreign countries. Many colleges abroad provide Medicine ≈ MBBS education, but most are not up to their standards when compared to the Indian colleges. But colleges in some countries provide education equivalent to world standards. The countries are compared below.


Studying Medicine ≈ MBBS in the USA may be a dream for many but it is literally a multi crore rupee dream. The education might be up to global standards but the wallet must be extraordinarily heavy. Medicine ≈ MBBS in the USA could cost you more than 1 crore rupees. Yes, that is the cost for our dreams to study Medicine ≈ MBBS in America.

Russia is another option for students to study Medicine ≈ MBBS in abroad. Russian Medicine ≈ MBBS colleges charge comparatively less with the USA. But Russia being one of the coldest countries among the world will totally have different disease patterns when compared with India. Most of the population is also Russian speaking and the information from them is very not clearly understood for the students to practice medicine.

MBBS In Philippines VS China

                 MBBS In Philippines VS China

China is considered as the cheapest alternative when compared with the USA & Russia. But the major issue in China is Mandarin, almost all the people in China only know mandarin. And there are many cases of students complaining about the language problem in China.

Climate and weather and disease patterns may be a small factor when compared with language of communication. This issue will surely reduce the quality of the doctors studying in China.

Philippines the only country in our list which is more similar when compared with India. Philippines being in the same climatic zone as of India geographically share the same climatic patterns.

Thus the disease patterns are also similar when compared with India. This helps students in Philippines understand both the Philippines and India’s disease patterns.

The Philippines is also the third largest English speaking country by population. The Philippines also have English as their country’s official language. Thus the curriculum is taught to the students in English.

Indian students easily understand their curriculum. Thus studying Medicine ≈ MBBS in Philippines is a perfect choice for the students.


Why MBBS in Philippines? As mentioned in the above comparison Medicine ≈ MBBS in Philippines is an excellent choice for studying Medicine ≈ MBBS in abroad. More than 10,000+ global students study Medicine ≈ MBBS in Philippines every year. Most of the students studying Medicine ≈ MBBS in Philippines are Indian medical students. There is a huge population of Indian medical students in Philippines.


· Many Internationally accredited universities
· MCI & WHO recognition
· English as official language
· Tropical Climate
· Same disease pattern
· Affordable fees
· Low cost of living
· US based curriculum
· Friendly people
· Growing economy in Asia

These are just a few sample reasons for choosing Medicine ≈ MBBS in Philippines over other countries. We assure you 100% that the Philippines will be a wonderful place to pursue your MBBS degree in abroad.


FENCE being a leader in the medical consultancy industry we provide our services to you to become a MD≈MBBS graduate. FENCE provides exclusive services to our clients from visa processing to accommodations inside the campus. FENCE is an educational partner of University of Perpetual Help System DALTA, Philippines which provides quality education to their pupils for over 45 years. FENCE is an excellent gateway for you to study MD ≈ MBBS in Philippines. More than 1000+ students have fulfilled their dream by enrolling for MD ≈ MBBS in Philippines at UPHSD.

Just forget about visa accommodations and other formalities. Contact your nearest FENCE office and start your dream engines on and reach your dream without any stress.