MBBS full form is ‘Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery’. As the name says, it is two separate degrees in the medical field. The score secured in the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) is the basic requirement to get admission to medical colleges in India. NEET is also considered as the eligibility to get an MBBS admission abroad. Countries like the Philippines and Ukraine provide MBBS education equivalent to that of India. Why you choose MBBS as a Career? Just think about that before reading below points.

The total course duration of MBBS in India is five and a half years. The students will get in-depth knowledge about the anatomy of the human body, surgical procedures, human cytology, medicine formulation, pharmaceutical drugs, and its effects, during the first four and a half years, and the final year is dedicated to gaining practical experience. Why you choose MBBS as a Career?

  • Reputation
  • Profitable career
  • Unimaginable Opportunities
  • Job Security
  • Job Satisfaction


Being a doctor is a respectable career all around the world. The sacrifices they make in order to protect the goodness and health in our society makes them equal to God. A doctor will always be respected and will be given first preference almost everywhere. Their service as a doctor gives them an elite status in our society.

Profitable Career

Completing your MBBS is a great battle but the price you gain winning the battle is also a fruitful one. Doctoring as a profession is considered as one of the highest paying jobs in the Indian market. The starting salary of a doctor in India starts from a minimum amount of 1 lakh rupees. Doctors who have postgraduate specialisation can expect better salaries. Specialists in rare diseases will earn more and will have a higher demand.

Unimaginable Opportunities

India is a country with a huge population. Highly populated countries need skilled doctors. After completing the MBBS degree the graduates can expect employment in areas such as private hospitals, government hospitals. These graduates also have a huge demand in sports medicine, health research journalism, hospital management, medical academics, policy-making in public health and a lot more.

Job Security

In India, the doctor to patient ratio is about 1 for every 1000 people. Our population needs more doctors even though the ratio is good. This creates a demand for doctors and provides them job security. Finding a job after completing your MBBS degree won’t be that hard and the demand for doctors will always go up. Specialist doctors have a high demand and have assured job security.

Job Satisfaction

Every job must give an amount of satisfaction to the professional. Being a Doctor and saving lives gives a huge amount of satisfaction. The smile on the patient’s face after they have been cured is worth a lot more than the money earned. Above everything this profession will bring a huge pride to your family and you will be proud of yourself.

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