The global pandemic cases are declining day by day and we can hope that we can see the world that we remember really soon and have those wonderful days back again and get things back right. Let’s cross our fingers and stay tight for the vaccines to do their job.

In the past year due to the global pandemic situation many Indian medical students took a huge step back when it came to studying MBBS in abroad. The pandemic was really a curse cast upon the human race and like always we humans will rise back again from this great fall. The pandemic really made the gates to the great beautiful world to shrink and took us and our neighbors worlds apart.

After the invention of the multiple vaccines around the world the world is now praying to receive their part of the holy grail we call the vaccines. Huge vaccination drives are organized around the world to timid the great pandemic. And the global governments are really sure that the world will come back to a normal state.

Many countries are coming back to their normal states at a faster phase than we expected. Our country recently organized the world largest vaccination campaign in the entire world. Let’s hope the following years bring us health, prosperity and growth to the Indian subcontinent and wide open the gates to the new normal world.

The Oasis to Quench Your MBBS Thirst

Most of our Indian kids have a dream to become a doctor as long as they know. But there are only very few kids who have the thirst, passion and consistency to complete their MBBS degree and become a doctor to save and serve humanity. These are the kids who really have the superhero mindset. Having a very low doctor to patient ratio in our country, we really need many more aspirants with this mindset.

But there are many barriers and hindrances which come along the way during this dream journey. It may be an economical problem or a cut off mark issue. Completing your MBBS in India may cost you minimum 75 Lakhs through management quota and up to 20 to 30 students compete for a single MBBS seat in India. These problems will really damage your dreams and may cause harm to your peace of mind.

To all those students who lost confidence in your dreams before getting into the frustrated desert of nothingness there are many oases around the world to quench your MBBS dreams. These oases (MBBS colleges) are around the world and some are very cost effective when compared with India. These MBBS colleges provide quality education when compared with the top  MBBS colleges in India. If you think you will be all alone on choosing your MBBS in abroad, you are wrong. These are more than 10,000+ students who leave India to pursue their medical dream every year, you will have more friends and your bonding between your friends will be more in a foreign country psychologically.

Preparing for The Leap Towards Your MBBS Dream


The shown info-graphics must be your formula if you want to pursue your dream of studying MBBS in abroad. Take a print out of the info-graphic and paste it in your room and really work hard toward it. Your dream must be your first preference above everything it must be now that you must start your preparation rather than never. So just focus on your dreams more than anything and achieve your dreams.

The best step you can do to research about your college is to approach an Education Consultancy and get their guidance. A good consultancy will give you guidance and good counselling and take care of all your end to end needs from visa applications to accommodations and a lot more. Some of the consultancies which take care of all end to end needs will be mentioned further into the blog.

The Political Game That May Cease your MBBS Dreams

Politics is a big game which plays a major role in shaping up the world. A country’s politics will determine the peoples culture, economy and mindset of the people. Let us research some of the countries that most Indians prefer to study MBBS in abroad.

Most of the Indian students face a lot of problems when it comes to studying MBBS in abroad.  The basic problem is a financial problem and the major problem will be cultural and the political problems. The politics will always shape up the culture of the county. So politics is the ultimate problem in many countries. So let us see the major political issues and cultural issues in the top 5 most preferred countries to study MBBS.


Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. Russia was a part of the soviet union a communist nation now declared itself as a democracy. Their definition of democracy may vary in Russia but that’s what Russia really is. Russia being a country with predominantly Slavic people, there are many confirmed racial activities over the years.

One of the horrible cases was an Indian student named Nitesh Kumar Singh was stabbed seven times outside a student hostel in the last 2006. There were no big cases regarding racial activities after that but it was really a scary one. Many Indian students are still scared to get to the streets alone in Russia. The political scenery of Russia is also not stable when compared to 2020 because of the protests organized by the opposition leader Alexi Navalry.


Ukraine was a part of the soviet union now it is an independent country and also a growing country economically. Most of the country’s population are Slavic. Ukraine also has a bad past of having a bad past of having racial issues with Indian students. Just like Russia, Ukraine also has a very horrible and tragic racial crime involving Indian students. Three Indian students Pranav Shandilya, Ankur Singh and Indrajeet Sing were stabbed severely by a racial group Pranav and Ankur died due to injury. This Tragic incident made every Indian medical aspirant rethink their choice of choosing Ukraine. This incident happened in late 2016. About politics Ukraine is partially occupied by Russia and is troubled by political turmoil. 


Germany being one of the main countries in the European Union is considered as a good place to pursue your college education. Germany is also an economic hotspot of the European union. Tuition fees in Germany are also free so Germany may be economically Good for Indian medical students. Germany is a very peaceful country with political stability. But there may be language problems while communicating with the locals. Another major issue in Germany is the cost of living, the cost of living in Germany may vary from place to place. Cost of living will be a great burden to the Indian medical students studying in Germany. Most locals communicate only in German, this is also a problem when you try to practice medicine in your clerkship stages of your MBBS degree. This may become a big factor and a hindrance in obtaining knowledge about the diseases and the medicine.


Kyrgyzstan was also a part of soviet Union and it declared its independence in 1991. Kyrgyzstan is a developing country and also a very cheap alternative. Colleges in this country may not be up to world standards but maybe somewhat satisfying. It is the 3rd time in 15 years the protesters have captured the parliament for a change in government. These scenarios cause the economy of the country to become unstable and it may collapse anytime soon. It will be a really good idea if you could research a lot more before getting into MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.


Philippines was a former colony of the USA and thus it follows its educational and governmental structure similar to its former colonists. There has been very few political stress in the past few years. The people of Philippines are more friendly when compared to other countries on the list. English being one of the official languages in the country it is very easy for Indian students to communicate with the Locals. Philippines is one of the growing economies in the Asian region.

Climatic conditions are very much similar to the Indian subcontinent. Cost of living is also up to par with our India. Because it was a colony of the USA the educational curriculum of the MBBS degree is also american based. It will be a great idea to do MBBS in Philippines when compared to other countries in the list. See the list of Top medical universities in Philippines.

The Confidence You Gain Finishing MBBS in Abroad is Totally Worth the money.

Completing your MBBS degree in abroad is totally a very proud moment for every Indian medical student. Completing your MBBS in abroad will totally boost your confidence level and you will also gain social skills and discipline after completing your MBBS in abroad. There are many educational consultancies which provide end to end services personally to the medical students who want to study MBBS in abroad. We are one of the best organizations which provide end to end service and care towards the students studying MBBS in Philippines. We provide Indian students with services from admissions, visa processing, travelling assistance, food and accommodations for Indian students to study MBBS in Philippines.