India is one of the major countries in the world which produces the highest number of medical graduates every year. Becoming a Doctor is like a huge dream for most of the Indian students during their childhood.

A known fact is that about 5 lakhs students travel abroad to study MBBS in abroad countries every year from India alone. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons for these students to choose abroad countries instead of India.

Lack of Medical Seats

Yes, unlike other courses medical seats have a high demand in India. Typically, Indian parents think a MBBS degree is a ticket to increase their status in the society. There are also many students who work hard and have passion towards medicine and pursue this path with 100% effort.

Now, let us see what is the real reason behind this lack of MBBS seats in India. Few years before, the MCI, a government organisation, made it mandatory for Indian students to qualify the NEET in order to get a seat in any medical college. This created a huge demand for medical seats in India.

The middle class students must score high marks to get placed in a government medical college which offers the education at a reasonable fee. Only the students  from rich families could afford to pay the fees in private medical colleges without draining their families lifetime savings.

These factors have created an imbalance in the seat distributions and students who could afford excellent coaching for NEET only have the access to medical seats in India mostly.

Budget Issues

Money is a huge factor when it comes to higher education for Indian students. India is one of the few countries in the world which spends a lot of money on their children’s education. Due to the introduction of the NEET exams only the students who have scored good marks can get a seat in government medical colleges. 

Students who couldn’t score good marks in their NEET exams will have to get seats in private Indian medical colleges. MBBS in a private medical college in India will cost more than a crore rupees. Even after getting a seat in these colleges the middle class parents really struggle to pay the fees.

Quality of Education

When it comes to studying MBBS in abroad countries, if chosen correctly the education will be up to world standards. Countries like the Philippines, Germany, Russia and China are said to provide world class education. But there are also some disadvantages of studying MBBS in these countries too.

The quality of education provided by some of these countries attracts a lot of Indian students to pursue MBBS in these countries.

Experience and Exposure

During their stay in the abroad countries the students will gain a lot of experience from the faculty and the patients abroad. This will help them boost up their confidence levels and make them more flexible when compared with Indian students.

Exposure to various disease patterns in the particular country will help them improve their knowledge a lot more.


These are some of the few factors which make Indian students choose abroad countries to study MBBS. These may be the reasons only for some Indian students to choose to study abroad. The reasons may vary accordingly. What are your thoughts on this topic? Kindly share your views in the comment section.